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All medical colleges in Lahore are going under UHS

Who is not familiar with UHS ( University of Health Sciences Lahore ) specially in Punjab and Pakistan. UHS is one of the best Health University in World and in Pakistan after Agha Khan .

According to HEC Ranking 2013 for Medical Universities UHS stands at 2nd number.

In, Lahore there are some medical colleges which are still under their Charted Universities as:

University College of Medicine and Dentistry , University of Lahore

Azra Naheed Medical College , Superior University Lahore

These colleges are not providing the real medical education and atomosphere as per standard. So, UHS and Govt of Punjab has decided to affiliate these institutes to UHS.

In this regard one medical college already has come under UHS . Amna Inayat Medical college was first affiliated with Riphah International University Islamabd. But this year the 3rd Batch of Amna Inayat i;e 1st Year MBBS taken exam Under UHS. The 2nd year and 3rd year of this college will take exam under UHS from next year. Also the new batches of Amna Inayat , UOL. and Azra Naheed will register with UHS.

If the above colleges will not follow the PMDC and UHS rules thay can be banned.