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Top 10 private medical college of Lahore

MBBS ( Bachelor  of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) is an Unique and sacred professional degree all over the world. The attachment to this profession means you devoted yourself for humanity. So, be very careful , active and smart to choose this profession.

Ranking 2014

Check Out Latest Ranking of Private Medical colleges of Lahore 2014

Now a days as the New session of MBBS admissions in Punjab starting soon after the MCAT by UHS being helded on 22 September 2013. The pre-medical students are very keen and concious about their admissions in Medical Colleges . Every pre medical student wishes to be in Govt medical as it is cost free and best in education and clinical environment. But , Unluckily due to lackness of Govt sector medical colleges in Punjab every student cannot get into Govt Sector medical colleges. Mostly students who can not afford high paid education in private medical colleges either choose some othe biology field or try another attempt for MBBS entry !

In Short ,students  economically strong background select private medical and fullfil their dream. Here is very confusion in choosing some good private medical in a big city Lahore where abundant of private medical schools.

Here we are going to rank top 10 medical college of Lahore on the basis of their academic record, location, environment,attached teaching hospitals and  faculty. This may be wrong in some way but far or less will satisfy you in your medical career starting !

Note: All the below mentioned medical colleges are under UHS

  1. CMH Lahore Medical College, Lahore cmh

  2. FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry Lahorefmh

  3. Shalamar Medical & Dental College Lahoreshalamar

  4. Akhtar Saeed medical & Dental College Lahore


  5. Sharif Medical & Dental College Lahoresharif

  6. Avicenna Medical College Lahoreavicenna

  7. Lahore Medical & Dental College (LMDC)


  8. Rashid Latif Medical Collegerlmc

  9. Central Parks Medical Collegecpmc

    10-University College of Medicine and Dentistry , UOL

Check Out Latest Ranking of Private Medical colleges of Lahore 2014