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The University of Lahore Merit Lists Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 2013

UOL has started displaying merit lists of fall admissions 2013.merit

Here are all Merit lists of Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology  BS , MSc , Mphil and PhD

BS Merit List

BS Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Note: Last date of Fee Sub
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.BSBB02133023 Alina Rehman Khalil-Ur-Rehman 1 Selected
2 B.BSBB02133026 Zainab Saeed Muhammad Saeed 2 Selected
3 B.BSBB02133021 Fozia Noor Noor Muhammad 3 Selected
4 B.BSBB02133015 Khadijah Farooq Farooq Ahmad 4 Selected
5 B.BSBB02133014 Rana Faiza Iqbal Dr. Iqbal Ahmad 5 Selected
6 B.BSBB02133025 Komal Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob 6 Selected
7 B.BSBB02133022 Zainab Hasan syed Mushtaq Hasan 7 Selected
8 B.BSBB02133020 Saima Fayaz Sheikh Fayyaz Ahmed 8 Selected
9 B.BSBB02133017 Iqra Amir Mirza Amir Baig 9 Selected
10 B.BSBB02133027 Aleena MAlik Malik Nazakat Hussain 10 Selected
11 B.BSBB02133016 Naheed Kousar Muhammad Shaheed Ahmad 11 Selected
12 B.BSBB02133013 Javaria Rasool Pir Zada Faqir Muhammad 12 Selected
13 B.BSBB02133018 Komal Haq Abdul Haq 13 Selected
BS Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.BSBT02133042 Muhammad Amin Muhammad Ramzan 1 Selected
2 B.BSBT02133028 Asad Ullah Malik Muhammd Ismail Mangla 2 Selected
3 B.BSBT02133035 Maira Tahir Tahir Mahmood 3 Selected
4 B.BSBT02133031 Zara Asif Muhammad Asif 4 Selected
5 B.BSBT02133021 Zaryab Noor Noor Ul Haq Shahid 5 Selected
6 B.BSBT02133041 Ayesha Faqeer Faqir Muhammad 6 Selected
7 B.BSBT02133023 Syeda Navia Azhar Syed Azhar Jazbi 7 Selected
8 B.BSBT02133029 Muhammad Fahad Muhammad Rafiq 8 Selected
9 B.BSBT02133045 Anum Raheem Malik Abdul Raheem 9 Selected
10 B.BSBT02133026 Usman Farooq Umar Farooq 10 Selected
11 B.BSBT02133034 Jazba Batool Ikhlaq Hussain 11 Selected
12 B.BSBT02133039 Hassan Akram Muhammad Akram 12 Selected
13 B.BSBT02133027 Arslan Ahmad Bukhish Muhammad Bukhsh 13 Selected
14 B.BSBT02133044 Mahnoor Fatima Farooqi Muhammad Suleman Umer Farooqi 14 Selected
15 B.BSBT02133037 Ifra Fatima Muhammad Aslam Javeed 15 Selected
16 B.BSBT02133025 Sara Zafar Zafar Ullah 16 Selected
17 B.BSBT02133022 Aman Ashraf Malik Muhammad Ashraf 17 Selected
18 B.BSBT02133046 Atia Ibrar Ibrar Hussain 18 Selected
19 B.BSBT02133019 Akasha Khawar Ali Khawar Ali 19 Selected
20 B.BSBT02133018 Zainab Akram Muhammad Akram 20 Selected
21 B.BSBT02133020 Hashir Sohaib Syed Sohaib Qadeer 21 Selected
22 B.BSBT02133038 Anum Masood Pervez Masood 22 Selected
23 B.BSBT02133043 Rana Mowadut Hussnain Khan Khalid Rasheed 23 Selected
24 B.BSBT02133040 Fareena Ajaz Ajaz Ahmad 24 Selected
25 B.BSBT02133036 Tehreem Malik Intizar Hussain Mailk 25 Selected
BS Environmental Sciences
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.BSEN02133011 Muhammad Nazim Ali Naveed ul Haq 1 Selected
2 B.BSEN02133012 Nazish Afzal Muhammad Afzal 2 Selected
3 B.BSEN02133004 Muhammad Jawad Muhammad Aslam 3 Selected
4 B.BSEN02133006 Mehwish Zafar Zafar Khan 4 Selected
5 B.BSEN02133005 Maryam Rana Rana Muhammad Rasheed Ahmad 5 Selected
6 B.BSEN02133007 Ayesha Nauman Mir Mir Nauman Aslam 6 Selected
7 B.BSEN02133009 Attique Ur Rehaman Muhammad Yousaf 7 Selected
8 B.BSEN02133013 Najeeb Ur Rehman Muhammad Aslam 8 Selected
9 B.BSEN02133010 Asad Khalid Khalid Javeed Bhatti 9 Selected
10 B.BSEN02133008 Hafiz Muhammad Umar Zishan Liaqat Ali Bhati 10 Selected
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.BSMB02133013 Huma Aslam Muhammad Aslam Mirza 1 Selected
2 B.BSMB02133008 Taha Ahmed Imtiaz Ahmed 2 Selected
3 B.BSMB02133010 Bilal Rehman Abdul Rehman 3 Selected
4 B.BSMB02133011 Ihsan Ullah Ijaz Ahmed 4 Selected
5 B.BSMB02133009 Fatima Zohra Anjum Javaid Chaudhry 5 Selected
6 B.BSMB02133015 Sheeza Khalil Malik Muhammad Khalil 6 Selected
7 B.BSMB02133012 Haris Irshad Irshad Hussain 7 Selected
8 B.BSMB02133014 Sara Asif Muhammad Asif 8 Selected
BS Microbiology and Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.BSMIB02133032 Iram Mushtaq Sheikh Muhammad Mushtaq 1 Selected
2 B.BSMIB02133028 Hafiz Syed Muhammad Abdullah Syed Saleem Ahmad Zaidi 2 Selected
3 B.BSMIB02133026 Hira Saleem Saleem Ullah Baig 3 Selected
4 B.BSMIB02133024 Sania Shahid Shahid Haider 4 Selected
5 B.BSMIB02133036 Rida Niazi Anjum Ayaz Khan 5 Selected
6 B.BSMIB02133029 Muneeba Qamar Naveed Qamar 6 Selected
7 B.BSMIB02133043 Munazza Sajjad Malik Sajjad Hussain Malik 7 Selected
8 B.BSMIB02133039 Jawaria Javed M Javed Umar Khan 8 Selected
9 B.BSMIB02133019 Aiman Latif Muhammmad Latif 9 Selected
10 B.BSMIB02133042 Nader Irfan Al Haq Irfan Al Haq 10 Selected
11 B.BSMIB02133025 Momna Nadir Nadir Hussain 11 Selected
12 B.BSMIB02133031 Sumaira Gulshan Muhammad Ali 12 Selected
13 B.BSMIB02133037 Amna Ali Muhammad Ali 13 Selected
14 B.BSMIB02133023 Qismat Naseem Faryad Hussain 14 Selected
15 B.BSMIB02133038 Sobiya Qureshi Shoaib Ahmad Qureshi 15 Selected
16 B.BSMIB02133034 Javeria Akram Mohammad Akram 16 Selected
17 B.BSMIB02133022 Rana Muzammal Ahmad Munir Ahmad 17 Selected
18 B.BSMIB02133021 Adeeba Mahboob Qureshi Mahboob Alam Qureshi 18 Selected
19 B.BSMIB02133027 Ayesha Qamar Qamar Hussain 19 Selected
20 B.BSMIB02133035 Hafiz Aizaz Ahmad Tahir Mahmood 20 Selected
21 B.BSMIB02133033 Muhammad Ans Aslam Muhammad Aslam 21 Selected
22 B.BSMIB02133015 Kamran Ahmad Mirza Iftikhar Ahmad Mirza 22 Selected
23 B.BSMIB02133016 Zoha Hameed Hameed Ul Haq 23 Selected
24 B.BSMIB02133017 Aqsa Ahmad Ahmad Bukhsh 24 Selected
25 B.BSMIB02133041 Faisal Ali Sarwar Bibi 25 Selected
26 B.BSMIB02133020 Maryam Khan Khalid Mehmood Khan 26 Selected
27 B.BSMIB02133040 Maham Rehman Khan Khalil-Ul-Rehman Khan 27 Selected
M.Sc Merit List
M.Sc Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.MBB02133005 Memoona Qamar Muhammad Anwar Qamar 1 Selected
2 B.MBB02133002 Javeria Nasir Malik Nasir Ali Awan 2 Selected
3 B.MBB02133004 Madiha Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim 3 Selected
4 B.MBB02133007 Zaeema Khan Nisar Ahmed Khan 4 Selected
5 B.MBB02133003 Mudasar Aslam Muhammad Aslam 5 Selected
6 B.MBB02133009 Rabia Ali Nawazish Ali Khan 6 Selected
7 B.MBB02133012 Shumaila Hussain Muhammad Hussain 7 Selected
8 B.MBB02133008 Aroosa Anayat Muhammad Anayat 8 Selected
9 B.MBB02133011 Aamira Urooj Muhammad Sadiq 9 Selected
10 B.MBB02133010 Ayesha Zahid Muhammad Zahid 10 Selected
11 B.MBB02133006 Abdul Rehman Qadir Mian Abdul Qadir 11 Selected
M.Sc Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.MBT02133008 Hina Fatima Muhammad Anwar 1 Selected
2 B.MBT02133002 Saher Fatima Jamal Mustafa 2 Selected
3 B.MBT02133003 Hina Sarfraz Muhammad Sarfraz 3 Selected
4 B.MBT02133005 Pakeeza Tanveer Tanveer Ahmed 4 Selected
5 B.MBT02133006 Sahir Ayoub Muhammad Ayoub 5 Selected
6 B.MBT02133004 Azra Quraishi Syed Asghar Ali Shah 6 Selected
M.Sc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.MMB02133003 Rabia Ashfaq Muhammad Ashfaq 1 Selected
2 B.MMB02133004 Fiaz Ahmad Abdul Jabbar 2 Selected
M.Sc Microbiology and Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.MSMIB02133014 Haira Shahid Muhammad Shahid Jamal 1 Selected
2 B.MSMIB02133012 Eiraj Kanwal Ch. Asghar Ali Kahloon 2 Selected
3 B.MSMIB02133016 Rabia Kiran Liaquat Ali 3 Selected
4 B.MSMIB02133010 Mehwish Dabeer Dabeer Hussain 4 Selected
5 B.MSMIB02133015 Muhammad Nasir Javed Muhammad Ishaq 5 Selected
6 B.MSMIB02133017 Imran Ahmad Maqbool Ahmad 6 Selected
7 B.MSMIB02133013 Nigah Hidait Syed Hidiat-U-Allah Shah 7 Selected
8 B.MSMIB02133011 Rahma Akram Mohammad Akram 8 Selected
9 B.MSMIB02133018 Ayesha Aslam Muhammad Aslam 9 Selected
M.Phil Merit List
M.Phil Biotechnology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.PBB02133008 Tehseen Fatimah Fazal Ur Rehman 1 Selected
2 B.PBB02133009 Mehreen Sahfique Muhammad Shafique 2 Selected
3 B.PBB02133011 Fareeda Kausar Ali Ahmed Ch 3 Selected
4 B.PBB02133010 Umair Khalid Khalid Mahmood 4 Selected
M.Phil Biochemistry
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.PBC02133029 Muhammad Zahid Latif Muhammad Latif 1 Selected
2 B.PBC02133026 Alvina Aslam Muhammad Aslam Khan 2 Selected
3 B.PBC02133028 Muhammad Umair Muhammad Munir Shah 3 Selected
4 B.PBC02133024 Hafiz Muhammad Arsalan Tariq Tariq Mehmood Saif 4 Selected
5 B.PBC02133027 Iqra Azhar Muhammad Azhar 5 Selected
6 B.PBC02133025 Sajida Akram Haji Muhammad Akram 6 Selected
M.Phil Forensic Science
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.PFS02133005 Ayesha Rasool Chaudhry Faooq Ahmed 1 Selected
2 B.PFS02133003 Dilawaiz Ashraf Mian Muhammad Ashraf 2 Selected
M.Phil Microbiology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.PMC02133015 Marina Rasheed Muhammad Rasheed 1 Selected
2 B.PMC02133014 Mujtaba Chaudhry Khalid Mahmood Chaudhry 2 Selected
3 B.PMC02133020 Sehar Zulfiqar Muhammad Zulfiqar 3 Selected
4 B.PMC02133017 Syeda Aatika Batool Syed Zargham Mehdi 4 Selected
5 B.PMC02133025 Jia Javed Javed Ejaz 5 Selected
6 B.PMC02133029 Faiza Sarwar Mohammad Sarwar Shahid 6 Selected
7 B.PMC02133028 Farzana Yasmeen Aish Muhammad 7 Selected
8 B.PBB02133007 Madiha Amjad Amjad Iqbal 8 Selected
9 B.PMC02133013 Rizwan Farooq Farooq Jawaid 9 Selected
10 B.PMC02133023 Shabbir Hussain Muhammad Hanif 10 Selected
11 B.PBC02133023 Usman Ali Karamat Ali 11 Selected
12 B.PMC02133027 Abdul Rahim Asif Abdul Majid 12 Selected
13 B.PMC02133024 Aiza Sanam Muhammad Firdous 13 Selected
14 B.PMC02133022 Mahwish Husnain Sajjad Husnain 14 Selected
15 B.PMC02133018 Naseem Jahan Nadir Khan Qaisrani 15 Selected
16 B.PMC02133016 Sehr Syed Zulfiqar 16 Selected
17 B.PMC02133021 Abdul Hafeez Khan Hazoor Bukhsh Khan 17 Selected
18 B.PMC02133019 Fatima Tahira Nadir Khan Qaisrani 18 Selected
19 B.PPS02133030 Faisal Jamil Jam Jameel Akhter 19 Selected
20 B.PPS02133029 Fouzia Javed Sultan Majeed Ahmed 20 Selected
21 B.PPS02133027 Mohsin Rasheed Rasheed Ahmad Qureshi 21 Selected
M.Phil Molecular Biology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.PML02133005 Rida Fatima Syed Imdad Hussain 1 Selected
2 B.PML02133006 Sadia Manzoor Manzoor Ahmed 2 Selected
3 B.PML02133007 Beenish Gilani Javed Hussain Gilani 3 Selected
4 B.PML02133008 Zeeshan Yousuf Muhammad Yousuf 4 Selected
5 B.PML02133009 Iram Amin Mian Muhammad Amin 5 Selected
6 B.PML02133010 Muhammad Tariq Mansub Ali 6 Selected
7 B.PML02133011 Beenish Ali Malik Abdul Ali Malik 7 Selected
Ph.D Merit List
Ph.D Biochemistry
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.DBC02133009 Sh Khurram Salam Sehgal Abdus Salam 1 Selected
Ph.D Physiology
Sr # Reg. No Applicant  Name Father  Name Merit No. Status
1 B.DPS02133003 Nusrat Tariq Nazir Ahmed 1 Selected
2 B.DPS02133004 Ghazal Mansur Javaid Majeed 2 Selected
Saqlain Raza Dr. Arif Malik
Prepared By: In-Charge Admission
Prof. Dr. M. H. Qazi
 Approved By: Director, IMBB

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