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A review of Medical Universities and Colleges in Pakistan

By : Admin

There are total 28 Medical Universities are working in Pakistan presently


Under Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) there are total 128 medical colleges and 28 medical universities are working in Pakistan.

Private Medical Universities: 11

Govt Sector Medical Universities: 17

Total Medical Colleges in Pakistan : 90

Total Dental Colleges in Pakistan : 39

This was the stat about all Universities and Colleges inPakistan.

Now we talk about Medical colleges in provinces

Total Medical Colleges in Punjab: 46

Govt Sector Medical colleges : 18uhs

Private Medical Colleges : 28

Dental Colleges : 15

Now we take a review of  Sindh:- 

Total medical colleges in Sindh: 22

Govt Sector : 9

Private: 13

Dental Colleges : 7


Total Medical colleges in KPK:17

Govt Sector Medical colleges : 8
agha khan

Private Medical colleges : 9

Dental Colleges : 7

In Balochistan there are only 2 medical college and 1 dental college.