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Physics MCQs included in UHS MCAT 2012

Note: I have type these roughly in very short period of time. So, Please try to understand the questions. These all were in MCAT 2012. I hope you will get an idea of Physics MCQs by reading the below questions. 

Warning: Don not post these MCQs on internet on any social media site like facebook or on any webiste/blog etc without the permission of Educational Blog Admin 

  1. Dimensions of energ
  2. X = M c2
  3. Elevator is going down word with a = g what is apparent weight?
  4. Stoke’s  law is ?
  5. Speed of efflux is ?
  6. P1 – p2 = ½ pgh2? Is the statement of
  7. If length of pandlolum is doubled new frequces is ?
  8.  a= –w 2 x is the relation of ?
  9. if source is moving toward s observers apparent “f” is ?
  10. quantity of glucose in solution is measured is?
  11. Ist law of thermody namices is adiabatic process is?
  12. If a heat engine give off one foruth of heat, its efficiency is?
  13. Moleculer speed of H2 is —— times of O2 if conditions are samed?
  14. Relation for mean square velocity is ?
  15. Energy stored in capacitor is ?
  16. Energy density relation is ?
  17. Calculate the capacitance of a copactor when area is doubled and “d” is half?
  18. Current voltage graph of a sami condnctor diode is?
  19. Q = Ix T
  20. Q = ?
  21. B= U o nI  numerical?
  22. In CRO voltage given to X-plate appers as?
  23. Energy stored in stretch wire is ?
  24. Young ’s modulus ?
  25. Symbol of not gate is?
  26. Relation when electron strikes metal target ?
  27. X- rays are produced by the bornbord ment of ?
  28. LASER is the abbreviation of ?
  29. Charge on alpha particle is ?
  30. If an alfa , beta and gema is emmted from a nucleus what change will occur in nucleon no?
  31. Alfa particle is less deviated y?
  32. Half life of Na- 24 is ?
  33. I -131 is used for?
  34. Unit of the absorbed dose is ? 
    1. Unit of the absorbed dose is ? 
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