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Biology MCQs included in MCAT 2013

Biology MCQs included in MCAT 2012

58-Similar tissues combine to form?    Organ
59-Different populations residing in the same place called?      Community
60-Control of hazards oraganisms by living organismsis called?    Biological control
61-Which of the following are intermediate in both photosynthesis and respiration? Glycreraldehyde,dihydroxyacetone
62-RNA is sythesized and stored in ?      Nucleus
63-The detachable co-factor is called?          Activator
64-After enzymatic activity succine is converted into?        Fumerate
65-Inhibitor which occupies enzyme other than active site is called?
66-Which organelle is absent in animal cell? Plasmid
67-Basic component of plasma membrane?        Lipid+Protein
68-Endoplasmic reticulumis formed by membranes called?  Cisternae
69-E.reticulum involved in the metabolism of lipid?    Smoooth or Rough?
70-Chitin is present in wall of?    Fungi
71-Formation of DNA from RNA is called ? Reverse transcription
72-Mesosomes is involved in which process?    DNA Replication
73-Main problem of antibiotic misuse is ..? Antibiotic resistance in microbes
74-Microorganism are used to produce?       Antibiotic
75-Relation in which both the organisms are bene fited?     Symbiosis
76-Male part of flower is ?    Androcium
77-Ascaris is ?     Trploblastic
78-Fascicola is ?     Liver fluke
79-Polymorphism is shown by ?     Cinidarians
80-Terminal electron acceptor  in ETC is?       Oxygen
81-In cyclic photophosphyraltion …….is produced?     ATP
82-Glucose is finally oxidized to    ?         Pyruvate
83-FAD is converted into FADH2 in Kreb cycle when?   Succinate is oxidized to fumarate
84-Goblet cell secrete ?       Mucus
85-Trypsinogen is converted into trypsin ?      By enterokinase
86-Vitamin K is produced by?     Facultative or Symbiotic?
87-Residual volume in the lungs is ?       1.5 liters
88-Oxygentaed blood is carried by which vein?         Pulmonary vein
89-In Blood plasma makes up?       55%
90-Antibodies are produced by ?      B Cells
91-Which of the following is involved in the maturation of T-Lymphocyte?     Thymus Gland
92-Against Snake bite which immunity is used?      Passive immuinity
93-Detection of change and signaling for effectors response to control system is called…?   Feedback mechanism
94-ADH helps in reabsorption of of water in…..?       Colllecting duct and descending limb
95-Last four fused vertebrae forms?      Coccyx
96-Each half of pelvis is formed by…..bones?      3
97-Membrane of muscle fiber is called ?     Sarcolemma
98-During muscle contraction , Ca++ ions  binds with ?       Troponin
99-Cranial nerves are ?     12 Pairs
100-The process which transmits messages away from cell body  is?       Axon