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Important SEQs of Upper Limb

                                                                                        SEQ s PAPER UPPER LIMB
Q.1. name the muscles performing the various movements of shoulder joint. How stability of this joint is maintained? 3+2
Q.2. what are rotator cuff muscles? Describe their actions and nerve supply. 5 (2004 UHS)
Q.3. Describe the boundaries and contents of cubital fossa. 5 (2004 UHS)
Q.4. Give the origin, insertion, nerve supply and actions of pectoralis major and deltoid muscles. 3+3
Q.5. Draw and label a diagram showing arterial anastomosis around elbow joint. 5 (2006 UHS)
Q.6. Draw and label the cutaneous nerve supply of upper limb. (2007 UHS)

Q.7: Enlist the Structures passing superficial and deep to flexor retinaculum. What do you understand by Carpal tunnel syndrome? 3+2
Q.8: Name the muscles that produce supination and pronation of forearm with their origin, insertion and nerve supply.5
Q.9: Give a brief account of sternoclavicular joint. (2003 UHS)
Q.10: explain the anatomical facts regarding the lymphatic drainage and spread of cancer of breast? (2008 UHS)
Q.11: Which nerve is closely related to the surgical neck of humerus and passes through the quadrangular space? Mention its anatomy.
Q.12: what do you know about the following:
a). Colles’ and Smith’s fracture of radius.
b).Compartment syndrome of the forearm.
Q.13: explain the anatomy of complex uniaxial synovial joint of pivot variety of upper limb. Explain the movements of supination and pronation.
Q. 14: If you wake up and realize you have no feeling or a tingly feeling (“pins and needles”) in your pinky and the medial half of your ring finger, which nerve have you pinched? Which intrinsic muscles of hand are supplied by this nerve?
Q.15: Name the arm vein most commonly used for venipuncture (for taking blood). Which structure deep to this vein offers some protection to the deep vessels and nerve in this region? What is the other clinical importance of the superficial veins of arm?
Q.16: Name the only flexor muscle innervated by the radial nerve. Give its origin, insertion, nerve supply and actions.