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Fees of Private Medical Colleges raises to sky

(By Ahsan Iqbal, member of Educational Blog) Here i am sharing my latest visits and experience of private medical colleges of Lahore. In the last two days i visited Avicenna medical college, Amna Inayat medical college,central park medical college and Rashid Latif medical college. First i describe my visit to Avicenna medical college Lahore.

Avicenna medical college Lahore is located in DHA Phase 9 near Rohi nala.It is almost 15 KM from R.A bazar Lahore and  of about 2 hours away from Niazi express . Its location is not fit at all for students to come here daily.The transport system there is also not well.

Now I will talk about the inner experience of Avicenna. I went to reception and asked about admissions. The representative told me it is last date to apply today.So apply hurrily. But I told him that I want to talk with principal about admission. So, i sat among waiting listed students.On my turn i went in the Principal office.  He was very rude person. Ha was blathering. He was frequently using the abuse words.He did not response me a bit. I asked him about fee.He told me that first year you will pay 9 lacs Oh My God. He is really very greedy person.

The other three medical colleges are located at better location of the Lahore. Amna Inayat Medical College is 20 mins away from the Lahore near Faiz Pur Interchange in district Shaikupura. There I only asked about the fee. They told me that first year it will be 7 Lac and sixty thousands and from 2nd year it will be 7 lac and ten thousands.(This fee was non-boarders for boarders the additional 1 lac 20 thosands)

The same story was in Central Park and Rashid Latif. In Central Medical college the total fee of first year was 728000/- for non-boarders and 827600/– for boarders.

In Rashid Latif medical College the total fee was 800000/

So now we compare the feeses of these four medical colleges.

1-Avicenna Medical college  866000/-  for non boarders 706000/-

2-Amna Inayat medical college 706000/-

3-Central Park Medical College 728000(for non boarders) 827600/- ( for boarders)

4-Rashid Latif Medical College 800000/- ( for non boarders)

So, Private Medical education in Pakistan is too much expensive. Try to get admission in Govt medical college for best and cheap education.

Best of Luck to All Medical Students for Admissions!!!