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Fees Structure MBBS 2012 Avicenna Medical College Lahore

Fees Structure

Avicenna Medical College follows the rules and regulatiions of the PMDC and the University of Health Sciences. The Fees, without any deduction of Scholarship amount, are as follows:


College Fees and charges Local Students

*Tuition Fees(annually)                                                                           Rs:600,000

*Admission Fees                                                                                      Rs: 50,000

*Transport Charges/POL(for Academic use-annually)                                Rs: 60,000

Tuition Fees are strictly controlled by the PMDC through its regulations that have now been notified in the Gazette Notification of Pakistan. Above fees are vfixed and subject to change only when approved by the PMDC.


Hostel / Messing and Allied Hostel Expenses

*Hostel Accomodation                                                                                  Rs: 70,000

(add 15000 for AC.)

*Messing                                                                                                     Rs: 60,000

*Hostel Security and Breakages/Generation                                                    Rs 30,000


Fees payable to PMDC and the UHS (To be paid by Draft in the name of Receipient).

*a. University Dues (Payable through College or directly to UHS)

as 5.5% of Tuition fees-(To be paid to UHS after 45 days.)                       Rs 33,000

*b. One time registration fees (to UHS-after 45 days)                                 Rs: 15,000

*c. Examination fees-annually (to UHS-after 5 months)                              Rs:   5,000

*d. PMDC Registration(once-after 45 days)                                                Rs:   1,000

*As permitted vide PMDC notification PF-3-E-2009(Coun)/170883 dated 03 Jun 2010


Please deduct the  Scholarship amount from the tuition fees. Tuition fees will remain fixed for 5 years. Other fees subject to change subject to PMDC regulations.(Click Scholarships for details).

Cost of Prospectus:                                                                                  Rs:        3,000

Admission Processing:                                                                             Rs:        3,000

Overseas Pakistanis

  Tuition fees:                                                                                           USD       18,000

Foreign Students

Tuition Fees:                                                                                           USD:      18,000

All other fees remain same as for local students.

Note: All fees are strictly as per PMDC regulations as communicated vide PF-12-F-2012(council)/239681 of 17 Sep 2012. All refunds shall also be subject to the same.